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We are Wellzona, 100 % family owned and operated local businesses, based in Phoenix, Arizona. As a family, we have been doing local Farmers Markets for a total of 27 years, this is who we are, this is what we believe in, we would not have it any other way. Our mission is to provide a local, organic, and wholesome line of hemp products.We pride ourselves with providing amazing, clean ingredients products, with an amazing costumer service and product education. We will never sell anything to our costumers before taking our time in knowing them and their exact needs, in order to ensure the best results possible. Each person is different, and the product needs to be recommended accordingly. The CBD industry could be confusing and frustrating to navigate and understand at times, but we are here to help and make sure that the process of choosing the right product will be as clear as possible. Our promise to you is that we will never sell or recommend to you anything that we would not take ourselves. Thank you for considering us.

-Ovi,Caroline,Bailey and Rocco, your Wellzona Family-

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